About the Site

The Walk 1 Mile site started in order to promote a more active lifestyle for people.  It doesn’t matter if you walk, run or roll – everything starts with movement. Make your health an important part of your daily routine.  Whatever you gotta get, get it on and then get it outside.  Find ways to live life actively, and you’ll be happier for it.  Your first goal is to begin.  Your second goal is to keep beginning until you can look back and see how far you went.

About Me

Site Author
Greg Green, Walk 1 Mile Site Author

After a diabetes diagnosis in 2015, I  wanted to write down goals that I could work towards, and there’s something about a public declaration that grows accountability.  I also wanted to document my experience as a way of sharing the success and failures of moving towards a healthier lifestyle.  You can connect with me on FitBit at www.fitbit.com/user/24BQ8H.  My favorite sub Reddits include r/loseitr/1200isplenty and r/mealprepsunday.

I’m trying to learn how to stop being responsible for things that are outside my direct control, and focus more on living a life that is worth living. I have to remind myself that every day is a new day, that there is so much more to be found when I step out the door.

I’m an epilepsy advocate because my daughter Natalie was diagnosed at 8 months as having an inutero stroke, which resulted in a left hemiparesis and seizures. My family sponsors the annual Purple Dash 5k as a community run, walk and roll program for epilepsy awareness and active lifestyles; and I like to participate in outreach programs that raise education and awareness about seizures and epilepsy.

My day job is working as a Process Architect for a software company, where I am a contributing designer of integrated best practices. Prior work includes leading technology integrations for Mergers and Acquisitions. At work I promote collaboration, training, and awareness programs that reinforce organizational competency and effectiveness.

I live and virtually connect from my home office in South Jordan, Utah.